From Balestrand at the Sognefjord (detail), by Thomas Fearnley.

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Photography by Vivian Maier, 1956 (via)

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Nicholas Mottola Jacobsen

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Late Victorian mountaineers, including a lady fully dressed and corseted, cross a crevasse in the Alps, 1900 (from Getty Images’ book "Decades of the 20th Century—1900s" by Nick Yapp, scanned by WeirdVintage)

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Nicola SamoriStoria Naturale (Blessing), 2013

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Islamic Calendar, India, Deccan, 1891.

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Uliana Lopatkina and Yuri Smekalov in Alexei Ratmansky’s ‘Anna Karenina’.

Photography by Alexander Gouliaev and John Ross.

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"The silence is so intense that you can hear your own blood roar in your ears but louder than that by far is the mysterious roar which I always identify with the roaring of the diamond wisdom, the mysterious roar of silence itself, which is a great Shhhh reminding you of something you’ve seemed to have forgotten in the stress of your days since birth."
quoted from Jack Kerouac, The Dharma Burns (via seabois)

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Rimel Neffati
Born 1984, Rouen, France.

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"потому что мрамора мало"

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"To give a photograph can be a deeply serious gesture: I give as if I were giving myself, as if I were giving even my impossible narcissism—eyes that cannot see themselves, that see and that see that they cannot see themselves. This is like the erotics of the gaze, the exchange of gazes, gazes that cross, and that cross at the point where each one cannot reappropriate itself, and therefore already gives itself, delivers itself and gives itself up, unarmed: this is a gesture that can in certain situations be more exposed, more giving and more intense than “making love.” In it the gaze is naked, at once naked and not seeing itself. Exposed as overexposed, like nudity."
quoted from Jacques Derrida (via litafficionado)

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Nederlands Dans Theatre

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